La Solitudine is an illustrated book; a journey into the infinite and hidden world that inhabits each of us.
One wonders who would ever want to read a text that describes solitude, this feeling that, now more than ever, frightens and generates anxiety and concern. Therefore, I decided to approach it from a different point of view, a positive angle from which one can grasp all that solitude can give us.
The protagonist of the book, who embodies this great feeling, wanders undisturbed through the pages, undertaking with the reader a real path of personal and individual growth.
The woman’s hair, which grows progressively from page to page, makes us part of a microcosm, made of planets, stars and comets. The infinity expands slowly becoming deeper and wider, until it occupies entirely the physical and conceptual space.
Book Trailer
So, it is only at the end of the reading that one becomes aware of how essential it is to live with oneself, welcoming and accepting that, if there is a willingness to know solitude, this can silently show us “immeasurable horizons”.
The Book
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